In-situ electrical measurements

Recently, in situ TEM techniques are becoming more and more relevant, as they allow adirect observation of the dynamic behavior at nanoscale level or in situ measurements of different properties of nanostructures.

This research line involves an STM tip used as an in situ TEM electrical probe to characterize single. The probe can be positioned in a millimeter-scale workspace with subnanometer resolution with the STM unit actuated by a three-degree-of-freedom piezotube, enabling the selection of a specific nanostructure, picking it up and applying a voltage to perform electrical measurements. This system allows TEM images to be captured together with recorded electrical data for real time analysis.

In addition, TEM-STM system not only allow for in situ electrical measurements but also provide a tool for the direct manipulation of nanostructures such as growing, welding, cutting or breaking nanowires, modifying nanostructures at atomic level or carrying out mechanical studies and Joule heating experiments, among others.

TEM image of the tip contacting with the sample in a copper grid as a support.




Universitat de Barcelona